S.I. Howard Glass Company is a premier provider of high-quality flat glass parts and products. We specialize in custom glass fabrication, offering a wide range of capabilities to suit the various needs of our customers. One of our core service offerings is CNC milling, a machining process that enables us to produce highly detailed glass components with excellent accuracy, precision, and speed.


Overview of the CNC Milling Process

CNC milling is a subtractive manufacturing process; it uses multi-point rotary cutting tools to remove material from a workpiece to achieve the desired shape and size. It begins with the creation of a computer-aided design (CAD) drawing or 3D model of the component. The dimensional data from the drawing/model is then exported into a compatible file format and converted into instructions for the computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software. The instructions direct the movement and action of the CNC milling machine and the machine tools, ensuring material is removed from the workpiece along the proper axes and paths. 

The CNC milling process can be employed to manufacture a variety of glass parts and products, ranging in size, shape, and complexity. The particular type of CNC milling technique utilized depends on the component design. Some of the most common are:  

  • Plain milling: This technique uses cutting tools that rotate on an axis parallel to the surface of the workpiece to remove material.
  • Face milling: This technique uses cutting tools that rotate on an axis perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece to remove material. 
  • Angular milling: This technique uses cutting tools that rotate on an axis at an angle to the surface of the workpiece to remove material and create angular cuts. 
  • Form milling: This technique uses specific cutting tools to form non-flat cuts (e.g., contours, curves, and radii). 

Our CNC Milling Services

CNC milling is well-suited for working with fragile materials, such as glass. Additionally, it is ideal for components that have complex designs (e.g., have various angles and radii) and require tight tolerances. That’s why we use the process in many of our toughest glass fabrication projects. It easily handles difficult elements, such as angles, bevels, edges, drilled holes, and steps. 

Our team utilizes 3-axis mills from Haas to produce flat glass parts and products with precision edges to tolerances of ±.05 millimeters. We can process parts up to 48 x 18 inches in length and width.  We have 4 machines of the following sizes:

  • (1) Haas Mini Mill – x=16”; y=12”; z=10”
  • (2) Haas VF1YT – x=20”; y=20”; z=20”
  • (1) Haas VF4 – x=50”; y=20”; z=25”

We can accommodate small or large-volume jobs, with production capabilities for up to tens of thousands of the same components. Our vast material inventory and extensive in-house capabilities enable us to complete projects on shorter timelines and at lower costs. 

We provide solutions for a variety of glass fabrication challenges. Once the customer delivers their drawings to our team, we can confirm whether their project is within our capabilities. If it is not, we can offer different solutions. However, our engineers are open to innovating ways to meet customer needs. 

S.I. Howard Glass Company is well-known within the company for quality flat glass components. Our advanced manufacturing equipment, combined with our experienced and knowledgeable employees, allow us to deliver components to customers within a wide range of industries, including: 

  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • General Industrial
  • Medical/Biomedical
  • Optics
  • Technical instruments


Choose CNC Milling Services From S.I. Howard Glass Company

If you’re looking for a partner for your next CNC milling project, S.I. Howard Glass Company is here to help! As an ISO 9001-certified and ITAR-registered custom glass fabrication company, we offer a broad selection of quality services, including CNC milling, to customers within a diverse range of industries. Our over $1 million inventory of glass materials enables us to quickly accommodate customer projects, resulting in much shorter lead times. 

To learn more about our CNC milling or other glass fabrication capabilities, contact us today. To get started on your solution, request a quote.